Nate Yeomans and the "Woodland" Beech Towel

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Nate Yeomans and the "Woodland" Beech Towel

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This video was built with respect and admiration for the United States military. The content of this video was built around the changes that have occured over the past couple of decades in the climate of camp Pendleton and its trestles region. With the ever changing cooperate surf world lower trestles has become a key stop on todays modern  competitive surfing tour better known as the "WSL" . Our "Woodland" towel is a flag we fly in tribute to that. Woodland Camo was a staple of the US military uniform from 1981 to 2006.  We are a company that takes notice of our past and builds products that tend to our futures.
    In 1969 Ron Stoner took a photo of a Marine MP confiscating a surfers board. That photo is what inspired this video. It wasn't until 1971 that Nixon allowed access to Lower Trestles and the beach head was never the same.
    This video is a small snapshot of the way things would be if we never were allowed access to this world class wave.

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