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Stand with Jake

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Almost a year ago, Jake Davis was rushed into emergency surgery to cauterize an out-of-control blood vessel that was strangling his T1 through T4 vertebrae. At the time, Jake was on top of his game and his career was growing quickly before his life changed before all of our eyes.

Suffering from a rare disorder called Spinal Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). Leading up to the emergency surgery, over an eight-month period, Jake had been experiencing crippling pain in his back, neck and head. The symptoms were further exacerbated after he suffered a wipeout in Hawaii in the fall of 2015 that drove him head first into the reef. Eventually he was diagnosed with AVM by Dr. Robert Bray. When Dr. Bray, who had discovered the disorder ten years prior, cut into Jake’s back it was only the 33rd time he’d performed the operation. Dr. Bray undoubtedly saved Jake’s life, but the pain remains.

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